Mobile Device Security

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Do you need to secure the mobile devices your employees use to access your network?

Mobile devices enhance user productivity by easing remote access to email, business applications and proprietary corporate data. As the use of mobile devices increases; however, so do the risks to your corporate assets. It is no surprise that mobile device security is a growing concern for organizations. While mobile phones have been part of many companies’ communications inventory for quite some time, the substantial increase in mobile device sophistication and emergence of targeted threats is outpacing comprehensive and effective security measures.

Today’s mobile devices are exponentially more powerful and complex than those of just a few years ago. This complexity combined with the increase in inexpensive bandwidth and millions of available applications mean that more people are using mobile devices for more complex tasks, which include access to a vast array of corporate information and applications. The risk of losing valuable data or exposing corporate systems to unauthorized access or compromise has been considerably amplified.

Lunarline’s Mobile Security experts will work with you to identify the security risks presented by enhanced mobility – and develop various options for addressing these risks. Our consultants are knowledgeable in the legal and regulatory requirements and best practices needed to protect access to critical data and other assets on all the major platforms deployed in the enterprise. We fully understand the significance of the risks mobile devices present and have experience working with all the major mobile device management solutions and will implement the one that best meets an organization's security requirements.

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