Lunarline CEO Appears Before the House of Representatives to Provide Expert Testimony on Security

Arlington VA - November 13th, 2013 – By invitation of the United States House of Representatives, Lunarline’s CEO Waylon Krush appeared before the Homeland Security Committee to provide expert testimony on the security of After making clear that he was not weighing in on the political debate surrounding Obamacare, Mr. Krush provided the Homeland Security Committee with a succinct analysis of’s security posture.  

Neither Mr. Krush nor his company Lunarline played any role in the design or development of However as Mr. Krush noted in his testimony he has extensive “hands on experience with the rigorous processes the federal government has instituted to effectively manage – not eliminate, but manage – cyber security risk.”  

In his testimony, Mr. Krush offered an emphatic defense of’s security controls. He noted that the US government universally applies stringent cyber security standards to all federal systems, including “I was recently asked by the press if I would, as a cyber security professional, trust my own personal data to,” Mr. Krush said in his opening statement. “I said yes, that I would. I stand by that statement.”

Mr. Krush also noted that “it is a bit odd for a cyber security professional to come before Congress and preach confidence in our government’s security posture. We cyber security folks are usually better known for pedaling cyber doom and gloom. However, the truth is, there is plenty of cause of confidence, particularly when it comes to federal cyber security.”

Click here to download the full text of Mr. Krush’s testimony, or visit the United States House of Representatives’ website.   

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