Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance and Process Improvement - Lunarline's Quality and Process Improvement (QPI) Team is an independent group within our Commercial Auditing Division whose mission is to deliver high quality client service by developing, maintaining, and deploying best practices, methodologies, tools, and knowledge capital using the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Framework for process improvement.
Team Lunarline will use our CMMI Level 4 (with qualitative and quantitative metrics) focused methodology, Lunarline 'Start Secure - Stay Secure' Delivery Methods, and the templates, sample deliverables, standards and guidelines it contains to jump-start any new project and guide the management of their processes. In addition, our methodology provides a in-house developed QPI toolset to produce all the process metrics required to manage the project to ensure we are continuously directing the effort and quality.
The QPI Team provides detailed training to our team members on our CMMI Level 4 processes and monitors program compliance through Best Practice Reviews and SDLC audits. These quarterly reviews evaluate program plans, status, deliverables, security / privacy compliance, and metrics against CMMI process areas and identify process improvement opportunities, resulting in increased quality, and lowered development risk for the program.
Our QPI team also monitors industry and academic process for security improvement and software assurance initiatives and fosters the adoption of relevant improvements, security design issues, facilitated by membership in PMI, ISACA, ISC2, and IATF. These Information Assurance (IA), Project, and system design knowledge-sharing activities support our Knowledge Exchange program across project teams. They accept 'best-of-class' deliverables from all projects for use in the operation of its quality improvement program.
Product/Process Quality Assurance (PPQA) - Lunarline, Inc. trains our personnel in all PPQA processes and standards. The PPQA is a methodical examination of work products, management processes, development processes, and day-to-day practices against established standards. Team members and peers conduct PPQA reviews to assess compliance to established criteria in the task orders, and identify problems and improvement areas early in the lifecycle. We integrate these reviews into all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and schedule, monitor, and track non-compliance and corrective actions. This early issue resolution promotes better stage containment, reduces rework, and improves deliverable quality.
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