ARLINGTON, Va., Dec. 22/PRNewswire/ -- Lunarline, Inc. has hired Dr. Julie Mehan to run Lunarline’s Cyber Security Division. Dr. Julie Mehan brings over 25 years of security, information assurance, privacy, security engineering, information operations, and intelligence operations experience to Lunarline. Dr. Mehan is a renowned expert and author on Cyber War, Cyber Security, and Cyber Terrorism. She has had an extensive career in creating, developing, and enhancing cyber capabilities for the Department of Defense (DoD) and several commercial organizations.
Dr. Mehan led the development and implementation of a top-to-bottom information systems security program for the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) – including the certification and accreditation of over 25,000 individual systems at all classification levels. She planned, coordinated, and led the establishment of the Army’s first Regional Computer Emergency Response Team (RCERT). Dr. Mehan developed, implemented and managed USAREUR’s defensive information operations program, as well a theater strategy for the introduction of information operations into the Bosnian Theater of operations.
Dr. Mehan established the Army’s first Red Team and Vulnerability Assessment capability. She was a program manager for DOD certification & accreditation program focusing on the development and implementation of the DOD Information Assurance C&A Process (DIACAP) and associated automated tools (DIACAP Knowledge Service and the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support System (eMASS)). Dr. Mehan was a subject matter expert on the authoring team for the NIST guidance document on HIPAA compliance, the NSA Information Assurance-Capability Maturity Model, and developer of the HIPAA-DOD IA Controls Crosswalk currently in use by the Military Health System. She was a lead SME for system security engineering process improvement through integration of the System Security Engineering-CMM (SSE-CMM) & CMMI.
“It is absolutely critical for a leading Cyber Security Solutions Company to have the best of the best,” said Waylon Krush, CEO of Lunarline. “I have personally worked for Dr. Julie Mehan in Cyber Security and have seen her leadership and knowledge to be critical components in developing successful new programs and to fill gaps where DoD and other Agencies are very limited or have no current capabilities at all.”
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