Arlington, VA. Nov. 30, 2009 - As countries prep for cyber war, focus on security training reaches an all time high and choosing the correct training company is more important, as well as more difficult than ever. The Cyber Warfare Forum Initiative (CWFI) provides security course reviews on numerous IT training companies to make that choice more informed. The latest review landed Lunarline, Inc. with numerous 5 Star Ratings for their Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) 3 Day In-Depth Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Course.
Lunarline recently announced the honor of receiving top ratings in every reviewed category for their CNSS Course from the CWFI. The review of Lunarline’s security course reported 5-Star excellence in the quality of content and material, location, instructor knowledge and experience, certification and honors, and Lunarline’s role in Cyber Warfare.
The Lunarline CNSS Course provides an overview of the C&A process and implementing the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for National Security Systems (NSS). CWFI found the Lunarline CNSS Course to be a critical resource to the Intel community, the DoD, various system owners, risk decision makers, and IA managers. The CWFI Review declared, “The CNSS 3 Day In-Depth Training Course from Lunarline has a considerable impact on the federal government’s ability to protect its information systems and networks. Lunarline’s training, according to our view, is an important enabler and synergetic force in Cyberspace, especially that of the federal domain”.
In addition to the 5-Star CNSS Course Ratings, the CEO of Lunarline, Waylon Krush, received the Cyber Warrior medal for instructor expertise from CWFI. “Our courses, instructors, and courseware continue to consistently win awards and very high ratings from all of our Federal and commercial customers and outside organizations. We have spent significant time and money to ensure our courses prepare the cyber security workforce for today’s fight and the fight ahead. Lunarline is focused on providing leading security solutions in a rapidly changing environment.” said Waylon Krush. Waylon added, “This Review provides guidance and assurance to those making the critical training decisions to the level of rigor and quality that can be expected in Lunarline courses”.
For additional information on the Lunarline’s CWFI Review, contact Bobbie Lawson at bobbie.lawson@lunarline.com or call 571.481.9300.
About Lunarline, Inc:
Lunarline is a leading provider of Cyber Security Solutions, Specialized IA Services, and Certified Security Training to all US Federal Government (Civilian, DoD, and IC), as well as to customers in selected commercial markets. Lunarline is a VA Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that is certified in ISO 9001: 2008, CMMI Level 2, DCAA and EVM. Lunarline ranks in the top 2% of D&B Rating, and is a recipient of the DOT Cyber Security Award and the Cyber Warfare Forum Initiative Award.