Washington, DC (May 7, 2009) -- Lunarline, a leading provider of Information Assurance and Cyber Security Training solutions for government agencies and Fortune 500 companies has become an Ounce Labs Certified Partner. Ounce Labs identifies security flaws in the largest and most rapidly growing area of risk in technology today — source code that makes up all networked applications. As leaders in application security within the federal and commercial sectors, Ounce provides the tools needed to significantly reduce application threat exposure and avert data breach disasters by identifying, prioritizing and remediating critical vulnerabilities and weaknesses at the source code level.
”For the last 20 years, organizations have spent their time and money battling to defend their network perimeter. Today’s challenges are growing and changing, and the most common targets are now critical applications and the increasingly valuable data they contain. Next generation security requires both expertise and leading edge tools to succeed,” said Jack Danahy, Founder and CTO at Ounce Labs. “The combination of Lunarline’s experience and Ounce Labs patented source analysis suite brings a new level of security insight to the identification and elimination of vulnerabilities at the core of application vulnerabilities.”
“Lunarline understands the evolving cyber threats, especially the sophistication used that must be faced by our customers. Waiting to evaluate applications once in an executable format is too late – similar to waiting to evaluate a Federal system after an agency connects it to an approved Federal network. Our security engineers have analyzed and tested static code manually, but as the code volume and actual vulnerabilities increase we needed to evaluate a more effective enterprise solution. After evaluating several software assurance tool suites, we found that Ounce Labs provides the best overall and most secure solution. Though compliance is important, it cannot be a ‘paper drill’ that fails to produce secure programs or systems. At Lunarline, we created a culture to ensure our customers’ systems are built upon a secure framework from concept refinement through disposition. We are active in the development of the most critical systems and infrastructure in the world. We take our role very seriously.” Mr. Waylon Krush, Chief Executive Officer of Lunarline.
About Lunarline, Inc:
Lunarline, Inc. is a Maryland-based (with offices throughout the US), Information Cyber Security / Assurance solutions provider. Lunarline, Inc. manages, designs, develops, integrates, maintains audits, protects, documents, and trains security and Information Assurance for systems, devices, facilities, telecommunications, and software throughout the Federal Government (Civilian, DoD, and IC) as well as for Fortune 500 Companies. Lunarline, Inc. is an award winning certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), DCAA Certified, NSA/CNSS approve courseware, and the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
About Ounce Labs, Inc.
Ounce Labs’ industry-leading Static Application Security Testing (SAST) suite brings enterprise-wide awareness of business critical vulnerabilities. With this ability to identify and prioritize issues, organizations have the information they need to address their greatest risks. Ounce’s patented source code analysis delivers the scalability and automation to help organizations such as EDS, IBM, Intel, and Lockheed Martin strengthen application security and protect confidential information. Ounce also helps organizations to verify regulatory and policy compliance, addressing PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA and others. For more information, please visit