Lunarline Renews Cyber Security Partnership with UMD

ARLINGTON, VA, March 25, 2013Lunarline, Inc. today announced they will continue their partnership with the University of Maryland (UMD) establishing collaborative activities in cybersecurity for a second year. The partnership promotes cybersecurity education, research, and technology development through the Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2). UMD and Lunarline plan to leverage each other’s resources, expertise, and unique perspectives to develop innovative cybersecurity expertise and technology solutions.

MC2 is forging alliances and partnerships between academia, industry and government to deliver advanced educational programs that will prepare the cybersecurity workforce of today and tomorrow. UMD researchers are applying their expertise in a number of critical cybersecurity fields, including, secure software, supply chain risk management, wireless and network security, attacker behavioral analysis, and the economics of cybersecurity. MC2 stresses comprehensive solutions to cybersecurity education, research, and technology development by bringing together experts from computer science, engineering, social sciences, economics and public policy to establish interdisciplinary cybersecurity initiatives.

Lunarline provides cybersecurity and privacy products, specialized services, and certified training to both the US Federal Government and private industry companies and is dedicated to promoting the advancement of cybersecurity.

“We have enjoyed working with the MC2 students and faculty over the past year and are looking forward to continuing this collaborative partnership,” said Lunarline CEO, Waylon Krush.


About Lunarline
Lunarline is a leading cyber security and privacy provider to the US Federal Government, as well as private industry. Our unique approach to cyber security combines our proven products, specialized services, and certified training together as a complete solution customized for the success of your cyber mission. Lunarline is an accredited FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO).


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