Penetration testing for dummies for serious professionals with limited time.

Pen testing is difficult: it requires deep understanding of computer and network technologies and the many arcane and esoteric ways to subvert them. Instead of dumbing down to reach a wider audience, we doubled down on making an experienced pen tester more effective and efficient.

​It's a new day in pen testing.

We built Sniper with a clean slate: free to reimagine and reinvent everything that we take for granted in modern pen testing tools. The result is a revolutionary platform for planning, executing, and reporting penetration tests that works with your existing pen testing tools. Sniper can interface with current Nessus and Netsparker installations on your existing systems.

Real Time

Every minute counts on a pen test. Running a scan and waiting hours for the results? Never again. As you run any scan, the results stream into Sniper in real time, enabling you to begin analyzing and organizing followup tasks immediately.


Sniper is the first penetration testing platform to highlight the value of teamwork. All team members see a real-time, shared view of pen test data. Sniper even includes a built-in, encrypted chat system so that your team can communicate effectively – even in hostile environments.

Rules Of Engagement

Penetration testing sounds like risky business to many potential customers. That’s why we built a Rules Of Engagement system directly into Sniper. This system prevents Sniper – or your team – from accidentally targeting a device that’s outside the scope of your engagement.


In a full scope pen test, your ultimate objective is a shell. But what do you do with a shell once you get it? Sniper tracks all of your shells and keeps them open. You can re-enter a shell at the click of a button or even share them with your teammates!

Auditing & Reporting

Sniper keeps detailed records of every action performed and every result. This information is automatically compiled into an out-brief report that contains technical details, notes, and screenshots to support your findings.