Vulnerability Scan Converter

Take Back Your Time From Your Vulnerability Scanners

Do you work with piles of reports from vulnerability scanners? How much time do you spend painfully extracting vulnerability data for your reports? Wouldn't it be nice to have some of that time back? And for those consultants out there, how much more attractive would your pricing be if you didn't have to bill clients for all this time?

Well, Lunarline wants to give you - and your clients - all of that time back. That's why we built Vulnerability Scan Converter. VSC instantly converts files from your vulnerability scanner into a consolidated Excel workbook that is readable by, you know, humans.

Supports Many Popular Scanners

VSC supports the industry's most popular scanning tools, including:

Vendor Scanner Name Supported Exports
Application Security Inc. AppDetective Pro *.xml
Application Security Inc. DbProtect *.xml
BD Worldwide BD Protect *.xml
Center For Internet Security (CIS) Router Audit Tool *.html or *.txt
DISA STIG Viewer *.ckl
eEye Retina *.xml
eEye Retina CS *.xml
Hewlett Packard Fortify SCA *.fpl, *.fvdl, *.xml
Hewlett Packard WebInspect *.xml
Insecure.Com LLC Nmap *.xml
McAfee Vulnerability Manager *.xml
Netsparker Ltd. Netsparker *.htm, *.html
PortSwigger Burp Suite *.xml
Rapid7 Metasploit (limited) *.xml
Rapid7 Nexpose (version 2.0) *.xml 
Tenable Nessus *.nessus


Build Reports with Ease

After VSC processes data, it compiles your vulnerability information into a single Excel workbook. You'll have access to spreadsheets with information on each instance of every vulnerability found. There are also worksheets that provide additional vulnerability information, including the risk level that vulnerability poses as well as a list of hosts where a given vulnerability was found.

We also organize spreadsheet workbooks into common assessment formats, such as NIST, DIACAP, and even FedRAMP. And if that wasn't enough, each scanner has its own worksheet that provides scanner-specific information. Finally, you'll also have access to a spreadsheet that provides information on all the ports that Nmap scans. So you can let your client know that maybe it's not a good idea to have 2000 open ports on all of their servers.

Please download our sample workbook for an example of how VSC organizes your vulnerability data:


(Note: Depending on your Excel security settings, certain features of the workbook may be disabled until you Enable Editing of the workbook.)

Purchase VSC

"So when can I get started?" everyone always asks. The answer is, right now! You can download the trial version immediately and start seeing how VSC can drastically change how you work with vulnerability scanners.

When you're ready to activate, you can purchase a full license that entitles you to one full year of free upgrades and technical support.