Cambridge Analytica: Why Cyber Hygiene Is Vital for Personal Protection

cyber hygiene

Facebook use has become so pervasive that some employers and government authorities routinely use the platform to screen individuals. Some singles on the dating scene even consider it a red flag if their prospective partner eschews Facebook. The platform is right there with us in our offices, our homes and our social lives. However, a still-unfurling story on Facebook’s privacy ...

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Cybersecurity Audits: What Your Organization Needs to Know


The most prominent security breaches in recent history have unsurprisingly been connected to some of the world’s largest organizations, which hold enormous databases of sensitive information. However, beneath the surface of these highly public disasters is an important trend: a pattern of hackers exposing vulnerabilities among smaller, less protected third-party vendors. Cyber criminals, in taking the third-party route, have been ...

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How to Virtualize Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Team

It has been about 20 years since the virtualization of tech resources began to revolutionize how enterprise computing is done. Addressing issues of scalability, cost efficiency and reliability, computer virtualization made enterprise tech far more available to the workforce, across industries. That, in turn, allowed organizations to operate more efficiently and respond more rapidly to demands. Now, a similar type ...

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“Cybersecurity Through Obscurity” Is Dead

Contrary to advice from experts and analysts, many organizations — small businesses and government agencies alike — have relied on obscurity (in one form or another) as a security strategy. How this manifests for different organization types largely depends on their size and the internal security resources they have available to them. Let’s take a look at two common “mottos” ...

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