Is AI Actually Helping the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in IT right now. While experts across several disciplines have indicated there’s still a long road ahead for the budding technology, top AI players have demonstrated promising developments. In cybersecurity, AI’s automation potential has been met with high enthusiasm. This is in large part because the field is suffering a shortage of ...

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Beyond the Honeypot: Deception Technology

deception technology

The concept of a “honeypot” has been around for some time. But in the context of cybersecurity — specifically, a network environment — the honeypot appears as an external site that lures in hackers and captures information about their breach methods. Production honeypots, which are quick and easy to deploy (though ultimately capture only limited information), are sometimes used within ...

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5 Cybersecurity Travel Tips That Will Keep Your Summer Secure

cybersecurity travel tips

Summer is the busy season for avid travelers – the kids are out of school, vacation time has piled up and trips to the beach are the order of the day. However, if you’re planning on some fun in the sun (or even if your summer trip is for business), you might forget to think about cybersecurity as part of ...

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Stressed About Cybersecurity? You’re Not Alone.

cyber security training for employees

Cybersecurity has been a fixture of news headlines in recent years, and most of those headlines haven’t been good. From large corporate breaches like the one at Equifax, to global disasters such as the WannaCry ransomware attack, these dispatches raise anxieties about the security of our homes, workplaces and public infrastructure. But with all the negativity comes a silver lining ...

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