Penetration Testing Built for the Reality of Modern Cyberware

Armed with the latest penetration testing tools and techniques, Lunarline’s pentesting team exposes your organization to the reality of modern cyberwar. Lunarline security engineers then work with your team to analyze vulnerabilities, fix issues and safeguard sensitive data.

The Changing Face of Pentesting

Once upon a time, penetration testing was pretty easy. Pentesting used to go something like this:

  • Hire some kid
  • Kid conducts a vulnerability assessment
  • Kid runs some basic pentesting tools (e.g. metasploit)
  • Kid breaks into stuff
  • The kid gives you a report. Seems legit.

But today’s cybercriminals are brazen and sophisticated. They sneak in through HVAC systems. They go after Point of Sale networks. They target Executives. And they take down some of the world’s biggest brands. In other words, the kid gloves are off.

The Lunarline Pentesting Approach: Backed by the Best

Lunarline’s pentesting approach is designed to reflect the reality of modern cyberwar. Our pentesting team draws upon decades of security experience in the Intelligence, Department of Defense and the Fortune 500 communities to expose your organization to advanced cyber attack techniques.

Prior to conducting an assessment, the Lunarline team works closely with your IT and security personnel to draft disciplined Rules of Engagement that guide all security assessment activities. During this process, we also select pentesting methods and tailor our penetration test to your unique requirements. Lunarline’s testing techniques may include:

  • Web application testing
  • Standalone application testing
  • Android and iOS application testing
  • Internal network infrastructure assessments (TCP, UDP, etc)
  • External network infrastructure assessments (LDAP, DNS, ARIN, SEC, GSA, etc)
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Social engineering
  • Eavesdropping (Network, wireless, and hardline)
  • Unauthorized physical access
  • At the conclusion of each test, Lunarline’s security engineering personnel work with your team to understand findings, develop actionable resolutions and improve enterprise security posture.

Powered by Proprietary Pentesting Platforms

To keep pace with the ever-growing cyber threat Lunarline developed a suite of penetration testing tools. These tools provide Lunarline with the cyber intelligence, vulnerability assessment, automated pentesting, collaboration, and lockdown capabilities necessary to conduct a modern pentest. These tools include:

  • SCAPsync: the world’s largest repository of Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) content. We use SCAPsync to analyze malware, vulnerabilities, and configuration issues, using Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) scores for each Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).

Combined into one powerful platform, these tools automate significant aspects of the pentesting process. This frees our security assessment team to focus on conducting a thorough, efficient assessment.

The Pentest May be Done, but We’re Just Getting Started

Following each penetration test, Lunarline’s security engineers help you dig into our findings. We walk you through our security assessment, help you understand each threat and brainstorm solutions to discovered issues. We can even roll up our sleeves and actively help you and your team engineer and implement comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to your security challenges.

Start a Penetration Test Today

Contact Lunarline at to speak to a Lunarline pentester. We can start working with you and your team today to put together a security assessment that meets your unique security goals.

Got What it Takes to Join the Lunarline Pentesting Team?

We have so much penetration testing work these days that we are continuously on the lookout for pentesting professionals. If you’re a certified pentester with a background in ethical hacking, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today at and talk to one of our recruiters about starting a career at Lunarline.