Attackers will breach your perimeter. But if every device in your environment is properly hardened, they may not get much further.

Disciplined, Secure Enterprise Configuration Management

We specialize in helping organizations develop and execute secure configuration management programs. We work with every major baseline and hardening guide – including the CIS Benchmarks, the SANS Critical Security Controls, the DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), the PCI Data Security Standard, USGCB and the NSA Security Configuration Guides – to lockdown assets and improve security posture.

Automate Configuration Control to Streamline Compliance

Asset hardening and lock down can be a real pain, requiring the manual configuration of dozens of unique settings. Manual hardening can take upwards of 40 hours per device.

While centered on the DISA STIGs, our Lockset Builder allows for rapid customization of configurations to meet organizational requirements. We can also build custom secure configurations that meet NIST, DoD, IC, ISO, CIS, HIPAA and any other baseline security configurations for any technology on request.