Continuously evolving cyber threats demand new thinking about security engineering.

To provide comprehensive organizational protection, an effective security architecture must reach deep into an organization, past the traditional perimeter and host-based defenses, and be precisely tailored to unique threat landscapes.

Context Aware Security Architecture

Our approach to cyber engineering exemplifies the emerging context-aware approach to enterprise security architecture. We help organizations of all sizes adopt flexible, fleet-footed security models that protect against threats while remaining sensitive to unique business, mission, compliance and budgetary requirements.

We begin every engineering effort with a 24x7x365 Hunt Team-style engagement. Our cybersecurity experts gather the contextual information necessary to develop a tailored architecture. We examine your existing environment to search for any preexisting Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) or latent Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). We also use our cyber intelligence platforms to search the deep and dark web for evidence of existing data breaches or to detect chatter regarding planned attacks on your organization or people.

With permission, we then profile your organization’s VIPs. VIPs and any key assistants are a top target for sophisticated cybercriminals. We profile VIPs’ personal attack surfaces to help them understand their exposure. We then ensure that the enterprise security architecture properly defends these critical personnel from tailored threats.

Turnkey Security Solutions

After mapping your unique threat landscape, we then develop and deploy a scalable security architecture that can quickly adapt to emerging threats.

For smaller organizations in the initial stages of establishing a cyber defense strategy, we can help you select appropriate firewalls, host- and network-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), harden equipment and initiate cost-effective continuous monitoring. We can also install our proprietary security automation and analysis tools to help you realize an immediate improvement in security posture.

For advanced organizations with a deep investment in existing capabilities, we can maximize your return on investment. We can also help you evaluate and select advanced technologies, including behavioral analysis, malware detection, forensics, anti-phishing, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), emerging threat intelligence and new artificial intelligence-based Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities.


Secure your IT network, endpoints, and cloud environments.

As a managed security services provider (MSSP) we defend your organization against today’s threats by protecting your endpoints, IT network and cloud apps and infrastructure 24/7.

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